Housing Law Handbook: A Practical Guide (inc. Housing for Migrants)

Out Now! The Garden Court Chambers Housing Law Handbook (2nd ed). I co-authored the chapter on housing for migrants, with my colleague Sophie Caseley. The book includes all significant changes to housing law. Housing rights are social and economic rights. In the UK such housing rights as exist are found in legislation. This book sets them out.

This new edition is a first port of call for lawyers and advisers dealing with housing as well as for professionals in the social housing sector. The book:

  • explains access to housing for migrants and persons from abroad
  • covers possession proceedings from start to finish, including sub-letting, notice requirements, assured tenancies unlawful evictions, succession, and deposits
  • provides a detailed account of homelessness rights, duties and powers and an explanation of the rules governing the allocation of social housing
  • has a chapter on anti-social behaviour, closure orders and protection from harassment
  • covers hazardous housing, the Housing Health and Safety Rating System, and disrepair with a new section on Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018
  • provides insights into welfare benefits for housing
  • includes a chapter on costs

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